Les Méandres de Little Lady


Photo: Julie Laurin

There’s a big difference between what we think and say and how others understand us. Our need to be loved and fear of rejection drive us to wear masks, which further widens the gulf that separates us. Under the circumstances, is a relationship with the other even possible? On the fringes of this impasse Little Lady takes the stage, and a dance of misunderstandings unfolds.

Little lady’s meanders was performed in Montreal at the theater Espace Go in a co-production with Danse Cite. It is a 55 minutes solo comedy show with texts in English or French and can be easily translated. It will be enjoyed by all audiences.






Little Lady

main pic

Photo: Paolo A. Santos

A complex transformation from Cirque Du Soleil-performer and Celine Dion-dancer to performance-generated theatre-artist is mirrored in this dark, comic and at times grotesque fable about our modern-day obsession with self- image. Lafond’s exquisite movement skills juxtaposed within a world of distortion and manipulation accentuates LITTLE LADY’s tormented and blissful metamorphosis.

LITTLE LADY is a 50-minute solo comedy show inspired by years of living in Las Vegas. In 2012, it was performed extensively throughout the United States and Canada. The show was awarded the “Favorite Festival Award” at the Frigid Festival in New York, and the “Most Daring Show Award” at the Fringe Festival in London, Ont. The show got rave reviews, amazing feedback, sold-out performances and was “Held over” in NY and deemed “Best of the Fest” in Ottawa. It is designed to appeal to audiences of all ages. Non-verbal in content, it can be appreciated in countries worldwide.