Behind the scenes

Little Lady in Montreal

Photos by Julie Laurin

  • Becoming LL with the help of Elisabeth Lehoux.

  • Who needs a break...

  • A few hours later with photographer Julie Laurin and her assistant, Coralie Paquelier!


Little Lady in Nice

Photos by Dominique Lafond

  • My aunt Dominique photographer of the day and her assistante my mother, asking for better work conditions. Those French!!

  • Laure my favorite cousine who has a matching LL bag...

  • No comment...

  • Hum... La socca, so i guess it is a wrap!

  • My uncle Alain waiting for us at home.


Little Lady in the country

Photos by Pierre Lafond

  • My grand mother who meets Little Lady for the first time.

  • At the farm of my uncle Michel

  • Photographer of the day my uncle Pierre

  • My Aunt Isabelle and her horses.

  • Thinking in the field...

  • I just love this shot.

  • All done!

Little Lady in the Desert

Photos by Paolo A. Santos

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-3

    A visitor! A distant cousin?

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-6

    Caroline is inspired as a small sand storm is slowly coming our way…

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-7

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-9

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-10

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-12

    No this is not a button, it is Babli’s eye.

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-14

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-15

    Babli, the teddy bear who hides a big secret!

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-17

  • ll-desrt-behind-scene-18

    I remember running as fast as I could for this shot just to tease Paolo who was running behind me, camera in hand…


Little Lady in the Snow

Photos by Paolo A. Santos

  • ll-in-snow-behind-scene-1

    We shot this one so many times because we couldn’t stop laughing. It is my favorite in the video!

  • ll-in-snow-behind-scene-2

    Thank you Paolo for the big nose effect!

  • ll-in-snow-behind-scene-3

    It was really winter and yes we filmed outside as you can see Paolo’s outfit!

  • ll-in-snow-behind-scene-6

  • ll-in-snow-behind-scene-7

    I made the fire and Paolo re-decorated the entire cottage for the shoot!

  • ll-in-snow-behind-scene-8

    Hard life for the wolfman!

Little Lady in Sudbury

Photos by Jenny Hazelton

  • img_8215

  • img_8209

    I made Clea especially for this photoshoot.

  • img_8208

    Crouching Julie!

  • img_8175

  • img_8172

    Don’t you dare touch my fan!

  • img_8163

  • img_8231

    Those fake patches of grass were so prickly, the stones were softer on my feet!

  • img_8248

    Julie took out the iceberg!

  • img_8251

    Julie is gardening…

  • img_8255

    It’s a wrap!


Little Lady in Times Square

Photos by Jean-Sebastien Gagnon et Louis-David Simoneau

  • img_4412

  • img_4419

    JS, Louis-David and Little Lady decided to participate in the Inside out project in NY.

  • photo2

    Little Lady’s make up

  • photo4

    Coffee and props flying!

  • photo5

  • photo6

    Ready to go!

  • photo7

    The lady who helped Little Lady cross the street! So sweet!

  • photo8

  • photo9

  • photo10

  • photo11

    A starving crew! Lunch at 3pm!!


Little Lady on Tour: 2012

  • dans-la-loge-a-winnipeg-avant-le-show

    Backstage before the show in Winnipeg.

  • france-ma-stage-mangager-a-trouver-un-avion-clown

    France, Stage Manager, found a clown plane!

  • miriam-creative-consultant-en-developement-de-new-concept-dadvertizing-a-calgary

    Miriam, Creative Consultant, in Calgary.