Un spectacle inusite, d’une fraicheur bienvenue”

C’est une plaisante reussite”

Sandrine se joue de la silhouette féminine et nous transforme en êtres addicts, épris de ce corps aux rondeurs généreuses et au charisme inimitable”


New York


Lafond is a gigantically talented movement artist… Lafond’s supreme dance, clowning and contortionist skills”

Her clowning abilities are very strong and the piece is very polished”




A unique experience”, “Utterly fascinating”


London, Ontario


Big talent for Little Lady”

A physically-convoluted figure lies on the floor as the lights came on. In the next few minutes I watched Sandrine Lafond, creator and performer, shaping and shifting her body like she has no bones in her body. Her exaggerated facial expressions and non-verbal language demonstrated how talented she is for a physical theater performer… Her metamorphic personalities deliver a myriad of emotions: pain, happiness, excitement, sexiness and astonishment”

A powerful story”




She garners the audience’s affection immediately”

Lafond takes a step towards unique theatre artistry with her show, Little Lady. This artist, gifted with a remarkable talent and daring nature puts together a show to be remembered. Combining the power of imagination, dance, and acting, she created an inventive and challenging performance. Vibrant, funny, artistic and unique”

Grotesque and delightful”

Lafond is a powerful, rubber-bodied performer… She has an exquisite sense of physical timing, and her wordless show melts the grotesque with the graceful”

Fuses clowning, dance and contortion”

Exceptional physical control”




Exciting production”




Lafond is magnetic and conveys tremendous emotional depth through her instrument- a finely tuned body that is as precise as prose and as fluid as poetry”




She’s a little bit ET, a little bit Pina Bausch, and a little bit Sid from the Ice Age movies… It’s admirable to see works that pushes the boundaries of narrative theater. Lafond is a gifted performer”

Lafond’s epic skill”




Her performance is an achievement in the combination of artistic expression and physical ability… Insect-human hybrids have been heard of before, but Little Lady is a unique take on the concept…
 It’s clever, avant-garde”

She’s a clown of the grotesque species”

Astonishing Sandrine Lafond”

Wiggle her way into your heart”

An exquisite show full of delight by a masterful performer”

A combination of Jane Siberry, Lucille Ball, Björk all wrapped up in one”




I think everyone could fall in love with Little Lady”

Without Lafond, this show probably couldn’t be staged. She conveys a journey through her impossibly expressive face, mind-boggling movements and wild vocal sounds. It’s the kind of performance that requires unfailing energy and concentration, yet also needs a playful, fluid spirit. Though there’s no dialogue, the show fills the silence with music and recorded sounds, as well as sets the stage with a short film. It’s an effective use of multimedia (which can overwhelm some productions) and an interesting, appealing way to set the stage”

Benjamin Button-esque reversed aging process…Edie Beale from Grey Gardens”




Her mix of clown and bouffon was divinely scrumptious, and very edible”

Perfect and extraordinary… As a dancer, a clown and an actor- Lafond makes every moment, gesture and facial expression precise, perfect and extraordinary- twisting her body into positions that would cripple most people”

Ohhh… sweet bliss. She is lovely, tormented, sugary, ugly, bumpy, ritualistic and absolutely compelling to spy on. Her mix of clown and bouffon was divinely scrumptious. Her feet seemed to have a brain their own. Little Lady is a multi-media show that keeps its message clear, without any dialogue, and has just enough interaction with the audience to not get us nervous”